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together with love & Shmolly forever! — Minted
We are excited to see you at Shmolly Forever Fest!
Welcome to our nuptival! The weekend will be full of music, fun, and lots of time for community connection! We will exchange some I Do's, but a traditional wedding, this is not! Please read through the website thoroughly to catch all the happenings! REMEMBER, the RSVP deadline is August 2nd. Let us know if you have any questions

together with love


Shmolly forever!

What to Wear

You're a freakin' dress like it!

Think bright, fun, and colorful festival wear! White is also totally allowed...

Like the weather, we think you're hot, hot, HOT!

Wear your hats and bring your parasols!


YOU'RE A DANCER! So be comfy.

We also highly encourage matching lewks with your beloved.

When in doubt, sparkle it out!

A fake fur coat is your best friend at night.

If you want to be formal, you do you!

This inspired look from the world wide web has us ooh-ing and awe-ing.

You can also be in costume!

With Shmolly Forever Fest being so close to Halloween, let your freak flag fly! We would absolutely love it.

Wigs and hats will take you far...

...and a smile : )

Just be totally and completely yourself!

Unless you can't. Then be Molly.