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together with love & Shmolly forever! — Minted
We are excited to see you at Shmolly Forever Fest!
Welcome to our nuptival! The weekend will be full of music, fun, and lots of time for community connection! We will exchange some I Do's, but a traditional wedding, this is not! Please read through the website thoroughly to catch all the happenings! REMEMBER, the RSVP deadline is August 2nd. Let us know if you have any questions

together with love


Shmolly forever!

Q & A

You have questions. We have answers.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Unfortunately, because we will be staying on a working ranch with lots of other animals, it is imperative that you do not bring your furry loved ones per the request of the venue. We recommend utilizing Rover to find a quality petsitter in your area. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes. We welcome your little ones. If you are used to camping and carrying your kids in tow at festivals, bring them along! Please note that there is no sound curfew at this event so eye masks and ear plugs might be necessary if and when you are trying to sleep. As always, this is a kid friendly event until it isn't.

Are there food and beverages provided?

Yes. Complimentary dinner is provided on Friday and brunch on Sunday. Beverages will be plentiful but you can also bring your own to ensure you have what you want! There will be food for purchase available throughout Saturday via Latin Asian Fusion and Mattias Pizza. There will also be alcohol available on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Did someone say frozen margaritas? We got 'em. Shanty Shack beer on tap? Yup. Bring cash to tip your bartenders and you'll be good to go. We still recommend packing like you would for a mini-festival but know that there will be some amenities available.

Is there cell service and WiFi?

Kinda. AT&T gets good cell reception and there is WiFi throughout the property. Priority for WiFi given to our DJs and vendors so please plan to attend relatively unplugged.

If I don't want to camp, is there somewhere else close by that I can stay?

Yes. Please see the Travel tab for additional accommodation recommendations.

Are camping and parking free?

Yes. Please, PLEASE, consider carpooling.

Can I come before Friday to set-up my camp?

Kinda. We have the space reserved for four days but will be busy setting up on Thursday. If you come early, we may put you to work! We understand the temptation to land grab. Please ask us beforehand so we can track who's coming and going! Note that staying in Pinnacles National Park on Thursday night is also an option, and you are that much closer to our Shmolly Forever venue for Friday festivities.

What's the deal with gifts?

Please see the "no-gift registry" for details. We kindly ask that you help us raise funds for LGBTQIA2S+ rights and contribute to our fundraiser for The Victory Fund. We don't need more stuff. We need our queer and trans loved ones to feel safe and valid in the eyes of the American government. Period.

Can I bring a plus one?

Kinda. This one is hard for us. We love you and we love the people that you love. HOWEVER, we are at max capacity with our invites and it will not be ok with us if you bring a friend without asking. If your plus one is someone that we know or is close to you that missed our invite list, please ask us BEFORE the RSVP deadline. We want to make sure we give an accurate head count to the venue.

Is there a dress code?

Only if you consider fun, festive, colorful and sparkly a "dress code"! We want you to wear whatever supports you feeling like yourself. Please note that traditional wedding dresses will not be worn and as such, we do not expect nor do we encourage you to wear traditional wedding garb. We will be in a back-country ranch setting so please consider boots and closed toed shoes. Leave the heels at home! Please visit the What to Wear tab for inspiration. Please wear your pajamas for our closing ceremony and our Happy and Haggard Brunch on Sunday morning.

Anything else I should bring?

Bring your sparkles and flare. Your fake fur and go-go boots. Your wigs and crazy hats. This is a festival, baby! Please bring any instruments to add to our celebration and late night jams.

Bring cash for food and booze, just incase WiFi is limited for the vendors.

Bring utensils and your own cup. We are trying to keep this weekend as waste free as possible! Oh and definitely bring camping chairs, head lamps and fun night lights as lighting will be limited in the camping areas.

Bring anything and everything you need to feel comfortable for camping. Whether you are staying 1, 2 or 3 nights with us, camping space is available on a first come first-served basis. Shady spots are limited so we do recommend coordinating with friends to bring pop-ups, sun shades, umbrellas and anything else you might need to feel protected from the sun.