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together with love & Shmolly forever! — Minted
We are excited to see you at Shmolly Forever Fest!
Welcome to our nuptival! The weekend will be full of music, fun, and lots of time for community connection! We will exchange some I Do's, but a traditional wedding, this is not! Please read through the website thoroughly to catch all the happenings! REMEMBER, the RSVP deadline is August 2nd. Let us know if you have any questions

together with love


Shmolly forever!

together with love and Shmolly forever!

Please join us for SHMOLLY FOREVER FEST starting on

78 days until one helluva weekend!

It was love at first twerk...

A classic girl-meets-girl during a global pandemic tale...
Shanie met Molly on the beach. Shanie thought Molly was cute immediately. At the time, Molly thought Shanie was pretty but was more infatuated with tequila. Their eyes locked. Molly lucidly took Shanie's hand and said, "I remember you. You're saving the world." Shanie swooned. Molly twerked. Shanie texted Molly the next day. Molly contacted their mutual friend, Magnolia, for coolness verification of Shanie's character. Shanie passed the initial test but then failed a few more. Shanie was sure, and Molly was on the fence. Their friend Brenden reassured Molly they were soulmates. Four months went by. A hysterectomy and wildfire later, Shanie swept Molly off her feet with a strip tease to celebrate Molly's 40th birthday. It was only then, during the sultry tunes of Bill Wither's "Use Me," that Molly was ready to call Shanie her girlfriend. (Finally!)
One year later, in true lesbian fashion, they bought a house together, and Shmolly Shmecial Shmowcase was born. Combining their love of silliness, music, art, and, most of all, their fantastic community, this variety show-er, SHMOW, is just one of the ways they demonstrate their love. That's why on December 10, 2022, in between rock ballads, violin strings, talking with friends, and sipping on hot toddies, Shanie asked Molly to marry her, and she said...
"Fuck Yes!"
Shmolly Forever Fest will culminate everything Shanie and Molly love: music, art, food, and community.
Y'all have loved them into existence, so let's get married together!